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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wet Seal

Wet Seal has some of the best outfits in ads I've seen in awhile.

This just looks like a cute casual/but not too casual, date night outfit. I'm obsessed with different color jeans right now. I love the deep blue skinny jeans.

I think this would be a cute outfit to wear to school. It's casual and comfy.

Love this outfit!! What a fun girls night out outfit!

Hello summer! I plan on wearing this all summer.

I've never thought about pairing rain boots with a dress. It looks so cool.

I have some red skinny jeans and a black net like top and have never thought to pair the two. The light belt and hat are perfect touches that pop.
Wet Seal Active
I could live in this kind of outfit.
Wet Seal Outerwear
This is sooo cute. It really could be worn year round. The trench in pink is great!

This would be a great Valentine's date outfit. You can't go wrong with a blazer or nice light jacket.


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  1. owww, i love the colored skirt, it reminds me of mondrian!!! so cool!