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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hey Girl, Love Your Outfit

As Rachel Zoe would say, " that's bananas".

I like a look with something other than skinny jeans. The green suede heels are a super cool touch.

Very 70s looking. Peasant top and bell bottoms = cuteness

A black dress always looks good.

It's got a hint of nautical to it. Frankie from The Saturdays always looks so cool! 

They look stunning in these dresses! Great color choices.

It's like she said, I'm going casual today and yet people are going to be stunned by my gorgeousness.
She's so adorable. Love the wedge boots and faux fur collar on her jacket.

These hats are probably my fav! Reese looks so classy in everything.

So many outfits, so little time!


  1. rachel zoe looks awesome, and I love vanessa hudgens' flares!


  2. I'm loving Vanessa Hudgen's hippie outfit :B


  3. Wonderful photos, I like them!!! This is such a nice post!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

    1. Your pic's are gorgeous! I'm totally a follower!