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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Top Of The Morning To Ya

Hats are such great ways to change an outfit. Who doesn't love pulling out a hat on a bad hair day? A few great hat pictures:

I got a pink one of these at Target today! I love the pop of red on all black.
Demi Lovato. I loveeee the long curly hair with a hat!
Jennifer Aniston wearing my favorite kind of hat, the baseball hat.
Beyonce and the newsboy cap.
Mrs. Victoria Beckham. So chic.
Naya Rivera rocking the bandana.
Well, va va voom Sarah Jessica Parker!

This looks like Carmen Electra but it's actually Fergie.

I know these were popular for a bit. I have mixed feelings about these. Pretty sure they'd keep your head warm.

Loved the red hair.

Great summer hat.

These things have a hard time staying on my head!

Love these hats!

Because she's Cher, that's why. :)
Going out to dinner (without a hat)!

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