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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ms. Jessica Alba Has Style

I don't know a lot about Jessica Alba, but what I do know, is she has EXCELLENT style. Even when the girl is dressed casually, she still looks like a million bucks. She takes current styles and makes them her own. Jessica knows how to wear clothes well!

Love this scarf. It's such an easy way to accessorize a simple or plain outfit.


Just causal chic. It looks comfortable. moveable and stylish. She likes the scarf look a lot.

Gorgeous dress.

Boyfriend jeans are oh so comfy.

jessica alba
Classy braids!

jessica alba     www.instyle.com
That red belt? Perfect.

jessica alba
Is that a denim jacket or a blazer? Either way, it looks phenom! Maxi dresses are the best!

Jessica Alba on Letterman.
So fun and flirty!

jessica alba lovely dress
Works it head to toe!

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