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Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Funnies and Other Random Happenings

I saw this nifty little craft on Pinterest. Apparently, you can make lip gloss with Vaseline and Kool-Aid mix!! How awesome!


Oh, just me and Johnny Depp. Well, it's not really Johnny but it's the wax version!

I have allergies to just about everything, but I've never been tested for food allergies. I wonder if this would be any good?

Found this in a magazine. Love her big curly hair, feminine top, and gold jewelry!

Sushi dinner anyone? California rollssssssssss.

I Love Lucy is a classic.

Pinterest. How is this even possible? Someone has major sushi skills!

Pinterest. Whoever thought of this is a pure genius.

Britney Spears, your bangs look AMAZING in this pic!


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