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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hair, Purses, Carrie Underwood, OH MY!

I would have blogged yesterday if I hadn't accidently unplugged something so my internet wouldn't work. Ughh.
Anyways, I went to a wedding shower tonight and it got me thinking. Thinking about marriage? No. Thinking about wedding planning? Nope. HAIR!!! Wedding hair can be so gorgeous.

wedding hairbridalweddinghairstyles

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wedding hairpolkadotbride

hair down & curlyweddinghairbycharlotte

Well, enough about weddings. I want a new purse. I have my eye on a certain Jessica Simpson purse that I hope I can track down this weekend. Other notable mentions?

Tulu 'Jacy' Bow Bag
Tulu 'Jacy' Bow Bag $98.00 at Nordstrom's
A little neon is perfect for summer

Calvin Klein Linen Satchel

Calvin Klein Linen Satchel

$148.00 at Belk

Lytton Small Patent Leather Clutch
Available in Multiple Colors
$325.00 at Diane Von Furstenburg
Can't afford it but I think it's very pretty.

Jitney Sheila Crossbody $198.00 at Cole Haan
I have a friend who got a Cole Haan purse at TJ MAXX

So, Carrie Underwood has a new single out and I'm loving the cover picture:

I went to Gap this past weekend and they had some winter sweaters on sale.
I'm really glad I got this sweater. It's soft, comfortable and cute! I don't think I'll have a heat stroke in it either.

I may need to go a size up in this, but I figured if I put a long tank underneath, it might be good to have a top that's more fitted. This sweater could go back but I haven't decided.

Good night!!!

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  1. absolutely gorgeous hair, i wish i could style my hair that good