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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm Looking For A New Hair Dooooo

Ok, so nothing drastic, but new nonetheless. A few ladies with envy worthy hair... 

I love Selena's ever changing hair styles.
Victoria's Secret hair is the best. Loose, soft curls that look like this? Yes please.

I would love this if I didn't have a cowlick. It totally ruins the idea of flawless bangs.

I would love this much body and curl. I would not love the time it takes to get it.

If I ever dye my hair, I'm going to either do Ashlee's old color or Mandy Moore's dark brown.

I liked Mandy with blonde hair, but I think the brunette color just suits her so well.

My hope is to have layers and highlights by this weekend. The search for a hair stylist begins!


  1. I am loving all the hairstyles, especially the ones with waves and curls. I am really into hair with lots of body and texture. I am your newest follower, your blog usbreally fun to read. Keep up the good work. Check out my blog and follow back if you like it :)

  2. their hair is so healthy, i want that!