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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fall Into The Gap

I am newer-ish fan of the Gap. They remind me of a more affordable Banana Repbulic. Plus, they have great sales almost all the time. I love to get basic tee's and long sleeves at the Gap. They have a wide variety of styles. It's just a great place for basic pieces.
Leopard halter dress  on sale for $39.99
As long as this dress wouldn't bunch up near the waist, I would love it. It's a good length to where you could wear it on different occasions.

Wooden slingback sandal   Regular Price $79.95
I love these shoes!

Footless tights  $7.99-$9.99
I recently bought 2 for $10. Tights are great to have on hand.

Modern boot pants   Regular Price $59.95
I must have these pants.

The perfect oxford shirt  Regular Price $49.95
Oxford shirts look so put together. I really like them with these blue pants.

Favorite long-sleeve T   Regular Price $16.95
Great basic piece!!
Burnout dot T  on sale for $29.99
Again, I love this entire outfit. The big hoops are nice additions.

Time for New Girl!!

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  1. i agree with you.. i am all about the gap lately! their newest collections are fantastic! and budget friendly :]