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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Happenings

So, I had an appointment to get my hair cut and highlighted today. I had decided to go somewhere new and that was probably my first mistake. The salon's website made a big to do about being on time and how if you had an appt. at 3, you were 10 mins late. Basically, they wanted you to be 10 mins early. A little bit demanding but ok. I arrived at 3:05 and the girl wasn't even ready for me. She still had to shampoo and dry the person before me. I waited 30 mins. Long story short, I wasn't feeling it. I told her I decided I just want a dry cut. It took her 5 mins and it looks exactly like it did. I don't want to name them but the place blew. I'm probably going to go to places I know people have been and have had success at.

Anyways, I got a nail color change today.

I was searching Pinterest and CollegeFashion for some great summer outfit ideas and found these:

I'm so ready for spring/summer weather! Well, minus the humidity.

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