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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thank Gosh Tomorrow Is Friday

Thank gosh tomorrow is Friday! This has been a longgg week, with today being the longest possible day ever. I thought I was going to go nuts at one point. Anywho, I'm topping today off with cookies and cream ice cream and Real Housewives of OC reruns. Sometimes ya gotta take it easy, ya know?

That's right, this stuff is delicious.

I did find time to exercise today! Before you know it, I'll end up looking like this:

I know, I'm laughing too. This is Victoria Secret's angel Candice. I got it from her twitter which is filled with prettiness (@angelcandice).



  1. ohhh yummmm...


  2. Sweet ♥
    xoxo Carolina Ferretti // lettherebelightbitch.blogspot.com