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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fred Flare

Fred Flare is a cool website, I just recently discovered! I guess some people would classify it as "kitschy". I love it though. The website does not have a ton of stuff but some of the things they have include: clothes, house stuff, random gifts, etc.

Fiercest Leopard Print Tights
They have these super cute tights for sale, but I'm loving the shoes.

Jackie Sunglasses
Jackie Sunglasses $14
Classic look. LOVE them.

Wacky Bandages
Wacky Bandages $9.50
They also have one's that look like: bacon, mustaches, mac and cheese, tattoos, pac-man, etc

Sleek Sequin Nina Skirt
Sleek Sequin Nina Skirt $24.99
I like this because most of the sequin skirts I see are mini's. Nice to have something different.

Giant Gummy Bear On A Stick
Giant Gummy Bear On A Stick $12
Giant candy? Don't mind if I do.
Giant Floppy Saint Tropez Hat
Giant Floppy Saint Tropez Hat $54
This hat is so chic. Perfect accessory for the beach, if I was someone who got dolled up to go to the beach.
Amethyst Crystal Rock Ring
Amethyst Crystal Rock Ring $9.99
Gorgeous! Cheap too.

Volcom Be Bold One Piece Swimsuit
Volcom Be Bold One Piece Swimsuit $98
Sooo cute. Not your average one piece.

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