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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Women's Wear Daily

So, I was finally cleaning out my closet when I came across my old Women's Wear Daily's from 2004-2006ish. I was a fashion major for awhile and we had to have a subscribition to WWD. Since it was for school, we got a really good discount. The fashion world considers WWD to be the "fashion bible".
I can't seem to part with them! I don't know what good they are anymore, since most of the info inside of the papers are online, but I just can't throw them out just yet.

On a side note: I was sick this week but my new couch came in. It sits a lot better than the futon I was using that my family had for probably 15 yrs.

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  1. WWD is so informative. I used bits of info from it for my phd dissertation. Really) KEEP IT! 100%