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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hey Girl, Love Your Outfit

As Rachel Zoe would say, " that's bananas".

I like a look with something other than skinny jeans. The green suede heels are a super cool touch.

Very 70s looking. Peasant top and bell bottoms = cuteness

A black dress always looks good.

It's got a hint of nautical to it. Frankie from The Saturdays always looks so cool! 

They look stunning in these dresses! Great color choices.

It's like she said, I'm going casual today and yet people are going to be stunned by my gorgeousness.
She's so adorable. Love the wedge boots and faux fur collar on her jacket.

These hats are probably my fav! Reese looks so classy in everything.

So many outfits, so little time!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Pajamas, don't you just love them? Now, I'm not one to spend much money on them but I appreciate a nice set of pj's ever now and then.

Robot Plush Pants $14.99

Cool Nights Spotted Leopard Sleepshirt
Cool Nights Spotted Leopard Sleepshirt $49.00
It's kind of different, but I like it.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Long Sleeve Classic Shirt
Lauren by Ralph Lauren Long Classic Sleeve Shirt $60.00 (Belk)
Lauren by Ralph Lauren also has a statin sleepshirt for almost half the price of this one.
Neon Striped Raglan-Sleeve Nightie $20.93
I'm pretty sure you'd be able to see yourself in the dark with this nightie. :)
Slinky Lace and Knit PJs $85.00

Silk pajama pant
J.Crew Silk Pajama Pant $98.00
Well, 98 bucks for pj's sounds reasonable...not really but I love the color.
Victoria's Secret Pink Supersoft Robe $29.50

Victoria's Secret Three-piece Cardigan Pajamas $49.50
3 pieces to a sleep set? Geez. I guess this would be nice if you were having a sleep over or spent the night at someone else's house.
Victoria's Secret One Size Sexy Shorts $20.00
Love all the colors you can choose from.
Forever 21 Barbie Pajama Set $18.80

Maybe Hugh Hefner had the right idea with wearing pj's all day, everyday.
Night Night!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day. I love the pinks, reds, candy, hearts, the whole event. Even though I don't have a valentine's, I am going all out. I'm talking pink heart table cloth, heart tee's, candy, and don't get me started on the after Valentine's Day sale! I've got to start decorating now, since it's about 2 weeks away!

ASOS Pencil Dress with Peplum
Asos dress $85.94
ASOS Midi Dress with Cross Back Strap
Asos dress $53.72
Steve Madden 'Pammyy' Pump
Steven Madden pumps $99.95 (Nordstrom)

$34.90 at Express

Fashionista Skinny Jean - Regular
$19.50 at Wet Seal

Charlotte Russe $5.50

Red Heart Dinner Plate Set of 6
Valentine plate $11.99 (Target)
Betsey Johnson bracelet $35.00 (Macy's)

Forever 21 earrings $5.80
View Product
Urban Outfitters top $49.00

-Target has a bunch of dishes, cookware, and decorations that are great, affordable additions!

Fred Flare

Fred Flare is a cool website, I just recently discovered! I guess some people would classify it as "kitschy". I love it though. The website does not have a ton of stuff but some of the things they have include: clothes, house stuff, random gifts, etc.

Fiercest Leopard Print Tights
They have these super cute tights for sale, but I'm loving the shoes.

Jackie Sunglasses
Jackie Sunglasses $14
Classic look. LOVE them.

Wacky Bandages
Wacky Bandages $9.50
They also have one's that look like: bacon, mustaches, mac and cheese, tattoos, pac-man, etc

Sleek Sequin Nina Skirt
Sleek Sequin Nina Skirt $24.99
I like this because most of the sequin skirts I see are mini's. Nice to have something different.

Giant Gummy Bear On A Stick
Giant Gummy Bear On A Stick $12
Giant candy? Don't mind if I do.
Giant Floppy Saint Tropez Hat
Giant Floppy Saint Tropez Hat $54
This hat is so chic. Perfect accessory for the beach, if I was someone who got dolled up to go to the beach.
Amethyst Crystal Rock Ring
Amethyst Crystal Rock Ring $9.99
Gorgeous! Cheap too.

Volcom Be Bold One Piece Swimsuit
Volcom Be Bold One Piece Swimsuit $98
Sooo cute. Not your average one piece.

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