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Monday, May 6, 2013

Kentucky Derby

I know it's been a hot minute since I last posted and I have no good excuse for it. So, with that, let's jump into where I was Saturday... the Kentucky Derby! Bad news? It rained the whole time I was there! Yep, it was rainy, cold, and muddy. I hoped it was going to be gorgeous weather, making it easier to see the famous Kentucky Derby style. However, checking out dresses and suits is a bit hard to do when they are covered with rain ponchos and jackets.

My derby hat I got from Kohl's!

I really wanted to get better pictures than what I got, but it's hard when it's raining and I'm ducking for cover under awnings.

Casual male fashion

Loved her dress and headpiece. It was kind of old school derby glam.

I'm guessing this was her boo and  what appears to be his man purse.

Derby hats just waiting to get soaked.

We will never know if these dresses were cute or not. I felt bad for the TONS of people who came out in flip flops. Their feet were soaking wet. Oh, and they probably got a light case of frost bite.

Oh don't forget about this snazzy fellow in his light blue suit, yellow tie, and white dress shoes.

Smart move with the rain boots lady.

Downtown Louisville statue. Still no idea what it represents. Don't really care either.

I bought these Sperry rain boots for like $25 at Belk a year or two ago. BEST PURCHASE EVER. Thanks to these boots, my feet stayed dry the entire day.

Want to go to the Kentucky Derby next year? Check the weather! Go to downtown Louisville! Be prepared to really not see much of anything to do with horses in the infield!

Oh, and some horse named Orb won the race.