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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Wants...What's left of November

I love pajamas. Why not buy a new pair every year?

Camel Gold Bali Gold Odyssey Turquoise Crystal Wrap
I  just think this watch would look really good on my arm. That's just what I think. ;)

Sleep - Lavender Chamomile Luxury Bath - Aromatherapy - Bath & Body Works
Lavender Chamomile Bath - Can I get a what what from those who have trouble sleeping too?

Majesty peacoat

Pinned Image
I just saw these on Pinterest. Apparently at Anthropologie a couple of years ago. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!
Printed Angora Fingerless Glove
My hands are cold even right now.



  1. Okay, we officially want everything on this list!!

  2. pajamas every year? How about every month! haha
    And those boots are so lovely, I hate when you find something and it was made so long ago! :(