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Monday, April 9, 2012

Random, Yeah I Said It

I'm random. Here is a taste of how random I can be:

I don't drink coffee but I do love some Vanilla Beans from Starbucks. It's like a vanilla milkshake. Kind of.

I bought this at Forever 21 thinking it was the cutest dress I'd ever seen. The reality: it was way too short, the top is see through and it was a hair too big. I lost the receipt so I own this bad boy.

Black and white photos are awesome and they make me look a little scary.

This is why I love buffetts.

Pretty good quality for an iphone.

For some reason, I can't get my hair to curl like this lately. I think the day I did took this picture, I didn't even have a place to go. What a waste.

I made cupcakes. I would later bypass the cupcake and just eat the icing.

Tonight's dinner. I'm pretty proud of my relatively healthy dinner. I topped this meal of with a Cadbury Egg.

Gearing up for Tuesday. I'm also hoping my neighbors upstairs decide to stop dropping what sounds like cement blocks on the floor.


  1. Your neighbor from above might be playing some dance video game. LOL


  2. I love starbucks too!


  3. haha your cute! give your neighbor a cupcake, maybe he'll stop? :)