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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maxi Dresses All Summer Long

I love maxi dresses. Besides from being comfy, they are so versatile. They can be paired with: cardigans, denim jackets, leather jackets, and even vests. I can wear it to the beach with flip flops during the day and then pair it with wedges and a light jacket at night! Fortunately for me, my work has a business casual attire going, so a nice maxi dress and cardigan is a perfect warm weather work outfit.
ND® New Directions Knot Front Maxi Dress

ND® New Directions Knot Front Maxi Dress

Sale $56.40 MACY'S
Jessica Simpson stylish and working it. Obviously taken long before she was pregnant.
Abstract Print Maxi Dress
$22.80 Forever 21
A maxi dress that is tie dye?! It's like it was meant for me!
Tribal Drop Waist Maxi Dress
Now $55.20 Arden B.
Vanessa Minnillo - So casual, so cute!
Vanessa Minnillo knows maxi dresses look great on her!
The lovely and stylish Blake Lively
Tall Maxi Tank Dress
Tall Maxi Tank Dress
69.50 Ann Taylor Loft
Jessica Simpson Halter Wrap Maxi Dress 
$168 Zappos

Product Image
Juicy Couture Sunburst Strapless Maxi Dress
$159.99 Zappos

Anybody watch The Big Bang Theory? It's brand new tonight, so I'm pumped! 


  1. i love maxi dresses too! they are so cute and comfy. Yes, i LOVE big bang theory, Sheldon is quiet a character! lol


  2. Too funny, I just tried on a maxi dress that I'm taking to San Diego this weekend :)


  3. Oh gosh.... the red one is my FAVORITE!

  4. Nice dresses!