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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Let's Do This...

It's get in shape time! I'm talking exercise, eating right, snacking to a minimum, and vitamin time. That's right, I'm for real this time...I think.  I have signed up for hot yoga classes and pure barre like classes. My best friend has recently lost 25 lbs and now I'm totally motivated!
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A little bit of this

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Mixed with a little bit of this

Will hopefully end up with me walking around like this! ;)

I'll keep you posted. Exercise week starts Tuesday!


  1. urgh, i hate exercising.. but i started it last week, my sister is doing INSANITY, shes been doing it for 2 months now she lost 21 lbs. shes already so skinny and muscular, i have no idea whats shes been loosing lol but im inspired for sure! good luck, hope you get results you are happy with :D

  2. 25 lbs? good for your friend :)

    I started exercising last week but my routine is all over the place, I need more commitment!