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Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Extremely Long Day...

I think an extremely long day calls for a blog post that is, well, a wee bit random. After work tonight, a friend and I headed to a minor league baseball game. Was I most excited about the game itself? No. Was I excited for the concession and potentially cute baseball players? Yes, yes I was. Turns out we were too far away to get any real decent views of the baseball fellas, so instead, I ate....and ate. That's right, I consumed: 2 hot dogs, nachos and cheese, a Powerade, and split a funnel cake. :)  The concession stand is everyone's favorite right?

Bright lights and loud cheers are a solid way to end the evening


Part of the leftover pig out feast

Cold night in May for a game of baseball

I got this Mario shirt at Toys R Us. So, it's suppose to be for children? I don't know and don't care!

Super cute dresses at Macy's. Love this Jessica Simpson dress. LOVE. If I had somewhere to wear this to, I'd totally get it!

Love how colorful this Victoria's Secret bra and panty set are.

From The Decorista. A lot going on in this room, but I really like the bright yellow chair. It could put a sunshine tone into any room.

Wet Seal outfit. Cuteness.

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  1. hehe you are cute! And im totally adoring that room with yellow chair!