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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fashion for a Fraction

So, once or twice a year Nashville has an event called Fashion for a Fraction. Local boutiques set up a small booth to showcase their merchandise. Clothes, jewelry, and accessories are marked down for the fashion lovers of Nashville!

This year's even was held in the Lipscomb University gymnasium. It's cost only $5 to get in inside the event. HEMLINE, Gus Meyer, UAL, and e.Allen were amond the boutiques showcasing on Saturday.

I would have bought some items at Fashion for a Fraction if I hadn't gone to the mall the night before. I had a pretty good time trying stuff on at Nordstroms. I ended up only buying the denim jacket, which I LOVE. Since there is a new LUSH cosmetics store in the mall, I bought two bath fizzies to try. Solid weekend if you ask me.